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Adele on BBC

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:31 am

Adele Co-Writes New Sia Song, Is An Album Coming?
Today was a big day for fans of Adele. Musician and songwriter Sia revealed that she has co-written a song with the singer for her new album, which means that Adele’s new album is still a thing. Fans of the singer have been up in the air about Adele’s new album, and while Adele hasn’t publicly given any concrete information about it, any hints that Adele is in the studio are good enough to assume that she’s still chugging away.

According to People, Sia dropped the new song called “Alive” for her upcoming album This Is Acting. It was originally supposed to be included on Adele’s album, but apparently Adele didn’t want it. The lyrics have Adele written all over it.

“You took it out, but I’m still breathing..I’m alive.”

As People magazine noted, it’s the same “victim to victory” writing style that fans of Adele loved on her sophomore album 21.

As for Adele’s upcoming album, Hits magazine reported that Adele’s release date might be November 20. As of right now it’s not yet known if this is a legitimate date for her next album as Sony has been tight-lipped about Adele’s latest release.

As for the sound of her album, Adele has gone on record in saying that her upcoming album, called 25, will be a lighter album. These days she’s not singing about a break up. Instead, she’s a happy mother to her son. She said that one of her tracks is “upbeat, girl power type of song.” According to BBC, friend Kelly Clarkson said Adele is going a country route, while Adele said that she wants this album to be “quite acoustic and piano led.”

If that’s not enough, there’s also rumors that Adele is getting her own one-off television show. The special is said to air on BBC ahead of the album’s release.

Here’s a few reactions on Adele’s song with Sia:

I love Sia’s new single omg. I guess she’s sticking to the “This Is Acting” concept cause Alive was meant to be for Adele


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